Sunday, 12 June 2016

My Happy Place Booklet - Angel Ave Class

I've always wanted and meant to do something that was just about me... so I designed this little booklet for a recent Angel Ave Class to be just that... About me.. (I mean about each class member individually.. cause who would want to write and keep a booklet about me?? chaaahhh... hehe) ... SO the idea behind this little booklet is to write about some of my
-favorite things..
-what makes me happy and smile...
-things I like to do..
-places I have been 
-little interesting things about me...
-Perhaps things I may say
- Life moto or tagline.... 

To be quite honest I've never really been good at talking bout myself.. I hate the feeling of blowing my own trumpet.. Even though saying that you are good at something is not necessary "Blowing your own trumpet".. I think it may be a little bit of an Australian custom/thing... Like the Tall Poppy syndrome or something.. you know.. someone may say they seem "up themselves".. or like "they love themselves a little too much", if they do this kind of thing... But come on... just get over it already!!!  Your family and friends love to learn about you... and what really makes you tick.. and in a few decades this little booklet could be an inspiration and a treasure to your relative (children or Grandchildren)......

Now the question is WHERE TO START???? If you are like me and you struggle to do this kind of thing.. it is great to get some friends to help you get the ball rolling.. get them to tell you things they know and like about you... Things that they think you are good at... and if you want you could even get them to write the things down on little sticky notes that you could later transfer into your book... Family is also good to ask... cause even the little annoying things you say and do with and to your family  can be a treasured memory...  (one thing that comes to my mind when I remember my Mother is that she never let me go out without saying good bye and I love you... hugging and giving a kiss on the cheek... Even after we had had a huge argument about the cleanliness of my room... ;P .. I didn't really appreciate that when I was a teen.. but when she passed and now that I am raising teens it really is something I hold dear and treasure the memory of her persistence in showing and expressing love toward each other...... )

Anyway.. If you like me have wanted to do something like this make a start today.. Because it will be treasured!!!

Have Fun!!! xxoo

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