Sunday, 12 June 2016

Birthday Ladybug Scrapping - Angel Ave Class

Birthday Ladybug Scrapbook page - Punch Art
Birthday Ladybug Scrapbook page 2 - Punch Art
How GORGEOUS are these pages?..

I found the inspiration and idea on Pintrest and then I created it with the die cuts and punches I own... I love Punch art.. and this page although it is simple and cute to look at.... well because there are so many bits and layers to each element it was a little complicated and it did take a little while... but the result is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it!!!

How could you not just want to smile when looking at your lovely memories on these pages!!!!

I loved the pages so much that I had to design a card for my Thursday Card Group.. So I could share the Love Bug with them.. :P
Ladybug Punch Art Card


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