Saturday, 26 February 2011

Eye Patch - Fashion Statement #3

Palsy of 6th Nerve in the right eye looks like this..... It turns inwards causing double vision.

Looking to the side with 6th Nerve PalsyWhen I had 6th Nerve Palsy

When you try to focus on the outside.. Your eye just wont move... But hay it's a cool party trick.. It really groses some people out... I love it.. It is definitely one advantage to having this problem...

What it looks like with 6th Nerve PalsyThis is what I am seeing at the moment... It is quite annoying.. but when I cover the right eye... I can see much better.. Judgment is still a little bit weird and I am still getting used to the one eyed-ness of it all..... However all is well if I just take it slowly..... then my "disability" is no were near as noticeable to either myself or others.. I can like fool myself that there is nothing wrong....

When there is more detail and colour that I have to take in then it gets very confusing... Like yesterday Master 8 ran through a solid object... I told him he has super powers... He was stoked with that.. and then on his way back to the play ground he ran into the building I said he ran through... Hehehehe.. Little joker!!!

Sometimes it gets on top of me... And I get annoyed, frustrated and MAD!!! Yesterday was one of those days for me.... I had a very very low day... Feeling EXTREMELY sorry for myself. Feeling icky... Ugly ... and YUCK and trapped, because of having to wear eye patches which limits my social life, and eye/brain stimulation... It gets awfully tiring having just the one eye to process everything.. I find sometimes my brain will not shut off at night time and it takes me HOURS to fall asleep.... Ever since I can remember no matter what was going on in my life I have always been able to fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.... (Much to the disgust of my husband... Who has NEVER had this pleasure.....) So back to the point... Yesterday I was just down right bummed!!!

With new resolve this morning I arose with a goal in mind.. I have had a design for a new eye patch in my mind for a long time and after I prepared for this afternoons workshop I decided to get the creative juices flowing and make a LOVELY eye patch to make me feel more BEAUTIFUL!!!!! ( I recently saw "Burlesque" and LOVED LOVED LOVED the costumes... Nothing beats lace, feathers, glitter, bling, trimmings and a whole lot of Lovely feminine decorations... This movie was some of my inspiration)

Pirate Patch I created for 6th Nerve PalsyThis is what I came up with...I am so LOVING my Big Shot for making the base of the eye patches!!! It work a treat!!! Black and white is always clasic!!! I definately feel more lovely today with my new eye patch!!!

If you would like to know how to make your own please call me and we can have a class... It would be fun to get others involved in my "NEW" obsession... heheh

Love Ursula

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