Saturday, 12 March 2011

Masquerade - Mask

Feather Masquerade MaskI've been commissioned to make another Mask for a Masquerade themed party.... The theme of this one is Black & White with a dash of colour.... The Mask base was chosen and I went on to decorate accordingly with black and white bits a pieces.... It's very therapeutic to do so....

It's fantastic how flowly ostrich feathers are and how romantic they look. Of course you have to have a bit of BLING to finish off the look with a beautiful Gold AB Swarovski Crystal button for the center piece in the black bow. 

I hope that these lovely teenagers have a fantastic night at their brilliantly themed Party!!!!

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  1. Thank You Ursula
    You are awesome! and that is what Dana my 14 year old teenager says as well as myself! Thanks for the fabulous creation - it was perfect!


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