Saturday, 17 April 2010

A Day in the Studio with a BIG SHOT

Now you all think I spent some time with someone STAR in a recording Studio don't you..???
Well I did.... (not a recording studio though... that was a slight fabrication.. hehe) I spent the day with Stampin' UP's New Big Shot.... I am fortunate enough to be able at times to borrow stuff from Liz.. She is a gem!!! And I borrowed it over last weekend.
Now in order to be time efficient and get the most out of it I had my family.. 2 boys 10 & 7 and my WONDERFUL hubbie working a sweat shop in the studio for a couple of hours... And surprisingly enough the boys were happy to help because they could play with something that I would normally not let them play with... EXPENSIVE CRAFT TOOLS!!!!! but let me tell you kids can do the BIG SHOT well!!! And it is very industrial.. they would have to throw it on the floor from quite a height to break it!!! So not only is is fun for Big people to use but the kids like it too and as it does not need loads of force to die cut or emboss little people can use it too!!!

I think we made up about 50 cards... These are ones I have taken photos of at this point... There is more to come so check back in a few days to see if I have added more to this slide show...

I am Loving the BIG SHOT!!! New punches and the Circle Scissor Plus!!! They are Definite must for all us mad Paper Crafters!!!

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