Friday, 11 September 2009

August PaperANGELS meeting Flowers

Ok so here's a funny story... In our spring Mini Catalogue it says on page 6.. to "ask you demonstrator how to make these flowers".. well.. lets just say it took a while demonstrators to find where the pattern was for them.. and there was a whole lot of complaints from people who were struggling to find it... I really don't know the whole story.. cause I am not good at reading instructions.. so I didn't even bother to look for them.. and as luck would have it I was not(yet) asked HOW.. (thank you ladies) But we had the opportunity to make them last month inPaper Flower in my Hair at Paper Angels meeting our meeting... (so now I know... *discovery music sounds... dah dar darrrrrrr) And let me just say they are FIdd-A-LEI!!! Definitely not something for the faint hearted nor the beginner!!!

Anyway Liz took this lovely photo of me.. after I had mad it I did not know where to put it so in my usual wacky style I adorned the flower in an attempt to beautify one's self...

Paper Flowers - Birds Eye ViewLiz had made 3 flowers and arranged them in a tin... these were one of the prizes in the monthly challenge... They are BEAUTIFUL!!!
And they look AWESOME in a pot together... What a wonderful bouquet to take to a hospital ward that can not have fresh flowers.. And how much more meaningful is it when you can say... "I made them"...
Paper Flowers - Side View

Forever paper flowers.. 'The gift that keeps on giving'

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