Monday, 17 August 2009

Christmas in July 2009

I know I am going a bit backwards with the dates of events a bit but I have just gone through some of my photos and have realised that I really need to do some serious blogging!!! I have been so busy getting Angel Ave ready that I have neglected to add some other things... I've also neglected family, friends, house work and so many other things.. for all that I appoligise!!! I will begin to get around-to-it all now that 'Angel Ave' is nearly ready... Bring on the Shed Warming Party.. And I will be announcing some more classes soon too.. as I am able to design them now.. In 'Angel Ave'... truly "where Creative Dreams come true!!!"

So Back to Christmas in July... This is what all the lovely ladies who attended made.. 5 beautiful cards and one decorated tin all designed around 1/2 a packet of I Wish Scrappin Kit (pg 137 Aus & NZ 2009-2010 Idea Catalogue) then there was enough card stock etc to creat another 15 cards at home...
Christmas in July Cards in a Box Class 2009It was a lovely day.. Lots of hard work but well worth it...

The preperation before hand was huge!!! I had been waiting on 'Angel Ave' foundations to be laid for nearly 8 weeks... The rain was holding it all up.. not that i was unhappy with the rain becaues it was breaking the LONG Drought we have had for the past few years... But I knew I had at least 8 to 10 ladies attending Christmas in July.. I thought 2 and one half months would be ample time to get the studio ready.. I resigned myself to the fact that Angel Ave would at least be errected with walls and electricity!! The Friday before hand I had Peter the Plumber, Ben the Plasterer, Paul the Landscaper and Tony the Electrician running around making sure that everything would be finished so I could fit all my wonderful ladies in... Comfortably... I felt soooooo spoiled!!! Tony made a joke that no one in the aera was having any work done that day cause everyone was at my house... hehe...
Renos to the Studio
I had to take a photo of all the Tradies vehicles out side our house!!! It was exciting times...

Garden RenosTony From Tiger Landscapes
Did a BRILLIANT job... 0412 672 577

Studio Renos

Ben Was wonderful plastering all the walls..

Studio Electricity Renos

Tony was wonderful and made sure that all our elctricity was hooked up.. We have enought power points and ample lighting to keep us out of trouble!!
Tony 0420 906 729Cleaning Studio

This was the very first workshop in Angel Ave... A little sparse but ready to go none the less...

Firs Class EVER!!! Everyone enjoyed the day.. Thanks for coming ladies.. and see you all and more customers and friends next year... Cause it just would not be the same without Christmas in July...

Love Ursula

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