Monday, 21 July 2008

More BIG Bye-Bye We Love You Cards

It's always a challenge to decorate the BIG cards.. They are about 50cm by 80cm on the front.. so it takes a lot to decorate!!! It's a bit deceptive when you look at this picture.. but if you look in your catalogue at the level 3 hostess reward stamps (Time Well Spent pg. 23) that I used you will get a better picture of the actual size of it... I coloured in the flowers using my Aqua pens and my water color crayons. Still my favorite medium to use in colouring!!!

I used Kinda Glitz to do the glitter.. just because of the time factor.. I needed to give them away an hour after i finished making them and I wanted them to sparkle!!! Bling is always good!!! but I discovered that if you want to use Crystal Effects and your Dazzling Diamonds you can use the Heat tool to speed up the drying process.. I kind of knew that already.. but you know what I mean when I say I discovered it... It just came to me.. like a revelation.. brilliant!! hehe.... the butterfly's are on velum again.. and the glitz on the vase is using a cake decorating technique.. cant remember the name of it but you see it on marzipan icing wedding cakes and the like... It's just random squiggly lines... cool effect... I think..

This next one I used my Stampin' Spots (pg. 130 & 131, 2008/09 Idea Catalogue).. All I can say is YEAH for the Stampin' Scrub!!! (pg. 149, 2008/09 Idea Catalogue) Especially when you are doing the alternating colours with the lettering... I used the spots for inking the Happiness (pg92) stamp... and for the big letter "U" then I used my Aqua pen to blend the colours in a little... could have done that a bit better but it worked ok... next time I will blend the purple down I think ... see if that works better...

I used the Heat & Stick Powder and the Dazzling Diamonds Glitter to put on the card flower and heart... I also use Kinda Glitz to add a bit of bling to the Happiness stamp...

I think people really love a handmade card... It shows you really do love and care for them... It's a gift from the heart!!!

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