Saturday, 19 July 2008

Colour Organisation

I purchased the Color Caddy a few months ago.. I was so excited.. You so know that you are addicted when you get excited about getting all the colours in the rage!!! Now because I forget which colour is in what range... and I forget the names as well most of the time... well I cut up last years catalogue and laminated the colour range swatches from the back of the catalogue... and glued them on the side of the Caddy... It is so awesome in helping me remember where they go.. now I have them sorted out all the time...

The other thing I did just recently was bought a whole lot of filing storage containers to organise my card stock... I used the same sort of idea as the Color Caddy in cutting up last years colour swatches.. but this time I wanted them to go across.. so I used the ones in the frot of the catalogue... I laminated them and stuck them on with sticky tape... I put 3 colours in each file which worked out perfectly as the colours are in sets of 3... How easy does that make things now??? Oh I LOVE organisation!!! It is such a great thing...

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