Monday, 2 June 2008

Digital Scrapbooking

I started Scrapping on the computer.. It's no where near as much fun as touching and feeling all the products.. and you have to find someone with a A3 printer or spend mega bucks to have it printed into a 12 x 12 book.. But it is definitely something else to add to the repertoire..

I was inspired by my lovely friend Bobby.. her blog is one of my links...Traveling Mum... take a look.. she is so inspirational!!! She has done heaps of computer scrapping!!! And they are all so lovely... (You may need to double click on the images to see them better..)

(please tell me if there is spelling mistakes... I sometimes over look them... and I would like to get it right especially if I am going to spend mega bucks in getting them printed into a book!!! One day.. YES..... One day I will.. .. I appreciate all help!!! )

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