Friday, 22 February 2008

The Stampin’ Round Wheels create beautiful page borders!

If you have a larger border to crate you will need a Stampin’ Round ink cartridge(pg 127-129& 141 for blanks of 07-08 idea Catalogue). This will allow to go for a much further distance then just inking your wheel with the ink pads. You will get almost eight inches from the ink pad but with the cartridge you could do borders on all your walls in your home and still keep going!!! What a wonderful invention… I always say that a women using the products invented these tools…. I don't know how true this statement is.. but I like it!!!

I had a to make a large card for 20 odd people to sign… So the Stampin’ Round Wheels(all designs fund on pg 151 of 07-08 idea Catalogue) are perfect for this… Obviously I did not use Stampin’ Up card stock for my A1 size card…. But all the materials used in the making of the card were Stampin’ Up!!!

1. You need to place some ‘post it’ notes on the corners of your card on a 45° angle. This will allow you to have a corner much like the corner of a picture frame. To make sure your border is straight you can use the ultra handy Stampin’ Around Wheel Guide (pg 141 of 07-08 idea Catalogue).

2. Remove post notes and place over the border you have just stamped.

Move Wheel Guide and stamp edge again.

3. Repeat step 2, twice more to finish of border.

You now have a lovely border around your card. And it looks great!

Colouring in
1. To add more detail you can colour in with your Water Color Crayons and Aqua Painter (pg 144 of 07-08 idea Catalogue). I love this medium as you do not have to be accurate at all!!! It is so relaxing and fast!!!

2. I random scribbled to make the colour on the background…from side to side in a diagonal direction… You have to load the Aqua Painter many times to get a good coverage especially when the card is so big!!!

3. You can also use your crayons to outline things or colour in with like a normal crayon.. although I wouldn’t recommend that you do that too often as it does use much more…. And then there will be less to pain with!! I used the Wheel guide to line the inside of the border just to give it a little more definition.

4. To do the letter “U” I dunked the Water Colour Crayons in a little container of water and coloured directly onto the rubber stamp surface… In a patchwork sort of random design… before stamping with this you need to check that all the crayon is a little wet.. If it is not then a light sprits of water or re-dunking the crayon and going over will help to get a great colour print… then cut the letter out with a 3mm border…. This gives a great unique design every time!

5. Just to finish off the person I was making it for is beautiful… and very girly.. she (like me) loves all things with BLING!!!! So to give it that extra Bling effect I used some Kindy Glitz… Not a stampin’ up product….. but I am sure if you wanted to use some Heat & Stick Powder or the 2- Way Glue Pen (pg 142 of 07-08 idea Catalogue)and some Dazzling Diamonds (pg. 145) you could achieve a similar result.

Just for interest… If you know there is a large amount of people to sign a card you could think of picking a colour theme and have them pre write their messages.. so then you can decorate the inside of the card… as I have here… It is also a great way to use up some of the scraps of design paper you have left over…

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