Monday, 1 October 2012

Card Classes

KENG Craft group love creating really different cards.. these are just some
of the fun cards we have made over the last few months...

The wooden sign post card on the right is the one that we did at KENG and the one on the right is what Michelle did with the card... When people take things home and put their own flair on it and make is so much better.. I just love it!!!!

Birthday Wodden Sign Post Card
9 Holes Golfer CardShopping Bag Card

The Little shopping bag one is quite cute and is a great way to use up little bits of left over DSP...

The Golf card is so cool for men!!!

The BEAUTIFUL cup cake stand is such a CUTE card!!! EVERYONE loves this one!!!

Cup Cake Stand Card

Rainbows and Butterflys Card

You can get a GREAT effect with Watercolor Wonder Crayons and your aqua pen... if you draw directly onto your card stock and then go over each colour individually you can make lovely rainbow!!!! Just like this card...

Shabby Chic is always a popular choice in card making... and using your collection of old buttons is a great way to decorate your cards!!!
Shabby Chic Wedding Card

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