Monday, 1 October 2012

Bleaching Goodness!!!

Again one of the techniques from convention that was demonstrated to us... I just had to come home and try this one.... How much do I LOVE it... let me count the ways.... one millionty times ~~~~~
Bleaching Stensiling Daubering Designer Scrapping Pages

With this technique you can create any kind of backing paper you want..... so no more excuses for not begin able to get a backing page (DSP) to match your photos anymore!!!! It's AMAZING and SO ARTY!!! It gives you a real sense of satisfaction to see the pages come to life right before your eyes... and with the bleaching it is a little like magic!!!! Words just do not explain how exciting it all really is.. you will just have to try it yourself!!!!

The below is a picture of the page that I demoed at one of our meetings... if you would like to see the UTube video of our training click this link... (link to come)

Design your own 12x12 pages by Bleaching Stensiling & Daubering

Have a BLEACHING good time!!!

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