Friday, 10 June 2011

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011

Some of the things I LOVE LOVE LOVE about convention is the wonderful projects we see... The fantastic swaps we receive and the Awesome fun and inspiration that is ALWAYS had...
Here are just a few photos of the swaps I received... And I have already made a few that were inspired by these in my weekly classes and some of my workshops.... Thank you to all the wonderful people who swapped with me... You are all AMAZING!!!!  I tried to group the photos so that there was not 70 individual photos.......

 I received some fantastic 3D projects... and some great use of other materials like Shrink plastic earnings, Scallop circle flower ring... Denim pocket pouch... and some lovely mini canvas art

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 Swaps Bright

These are some AWESOMELY made more male cards.....   The motorbike one at the back with the Extreme Elements as the back ground has been a HIT.... Everyone I have demoed it with has LOVED it!!! Thank you Miriam Spiess!!! Creative Genius... And of course I had to purchase the Extreme Elements after seeing this card.. because it is a FANTASTIC and versatile stamp set for either Male or female cards.... I've never even noticed it before!!! My what a change a swap can make...
The other cards are just as brilliant only I find I have to purchase more stamp sets to recreate them.... In time... (*sigh)
Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Male Cards

How are these cards for CUTE punch art??? Sandra Miller made the ABSOLUTELY DIVINE Geisha Girl.......  And the had bags are made from the Cup Cake Punch..(sorry no name was on this one if you are reading this and you know who made it please let me know) And the very creative dress on a hanger... SOOOOOOOOO lovely... and AWESOME way to use scraps... Created by Peta Schirmer..

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Punch Art Cards

 Cup Cake Punch and other Cute Ideas....

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Cute Cards
Lovely Designs....

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Simple Cards

 Soft Shabby Chic... I love these.. they are all so elegant!!! Wonderful colour combos!!!

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Shabby Chic Cards

 Flowers and Nature... I am so spoiled for choice.. Which ones to re-create now???

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Bright Flower Cards

Shabby Chic and Butterflies... I am thinking that Shabby Chic could be my new love!!! I am feeling a bit of a style enhancement coming.... The one in the back left corner was made by Michelle Corbett... And i have shared it at a couple of the community craft groups.. using the new stamp set that we received as our convention stamp set... Oh my it looks lovely.. Thank you for your inspiration Michelle!!!
And I am TOTALLY loving the one in the front Center created by Michelle Zahra.... (Man these Michelles are creative!!! It must have something to do with their name??) I can't wait to re create this one!!!

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - Butterfly Cards

 More nature and Butterflies.. I think Butterflies are the new in thing too... There seemed to be a lot of them around.. Butterflies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Stampin Up! Convention - Melbourne 2011 - more Butterfly Cards

I hope this wonderful collection of swaps inspires you as much as they inspire me!!!
Happy Creating


  1. Ursula thank you so much for your kind words about my convention swap. It was really sweet of you to drop in and let me know how my motorbike card was received at your workshop. I am glad it was a hit and I hope you sold lots with it. Best of luck with your Stampin'Up business. By the way your blog looks fantastic.
    Miriam Spiess.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ursula! and taking the time to take all the photos...then post them up. You got a awesome collection! xo


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