Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dichroic Glass Pendants... my new found hobby..

I love making these... It is an expensive hobby but well worth it!!!
Take a look at the next 4 photos.. I have these ones on sale if you would like to purchase them $25 per piece... Ready to go easy Christmas gifts.... I'll even gift wrap them so all you have to do is put them under the Christmas tree.. and i will throw in a handmade Christmas Tag.. so you don't have to go buy one of those too!!!

Photo 1

Dichroic Glass Pendants pic 1Photo 2

Dichroic Glass Pendants pic 2Photo 3
Dichroic Glass Pendants pic 3Photo 4
Dichroic Glass Pendants Pic 4And these are my keepers.... for the moment.. I may change my mind... but now i have a pink, blue, Aqua, Natural tones and a Funky one.. that i need to go buy a new wardrobe for so i can wear it!! hehe.. let me know if you are interested in supporting my new hobby... and making your Christmas shopping easier... oh and at this point any money really does go to the Singapore Tour.... not really to support my hobby.. till next year!!! ;) ...
Love Ursula

Dichroic Glass Pendants pic 5Aqua, Blue, Natural tones, Pink and FUNKY....

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