Saturday, 20 September 2008

Storage Inspiration

One of our Paper Angels Team sent me this email the other day... It is lovely to get feed back... And great to see what your ideas inspire in others!!! Well Done Leonie!!! And Thank You!!!

Opps i accidentally deleted the photo.. will get it back sorry

"Hi Ursula,
I was reading your blog and saw your idea about using the colours from the old catalogue to help organise your stuff. I loved the idea... what a fantastic way of being organised. So you inspired me to organise my card stock using the same idea. I was up late cutting out the tabs... and this was the result. I'm very happy. Thanks you so much for your great idea!Leonie"

Now I was wondering what the little stamp was that Leonie had used on the tabs in front of the colour swatches.. but then I discovered as i zoomed in... that it was letters.. hehe.. "BB" for Bold Brights etc... Dats cool!!!

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