Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Christmas in July Report

The Christmas in July workshop was a great success.. Thanks to those wonderful women who came.. As you know I will be repeating it in August on the 4th.. The ladies were so thrilled with the box of cards they made... We had a lovely day... And I learned a lot about over techniquising people. I will KISS now…. A lot more… (Keep It Simple Silly!!!..) I just had so much that I wanted to share.... And yet there is still so much more I have learned... I've put up some photos of what the "art studio" was set up like and a photo of the girls working hard on their creations... Again thanks to Liz for loaning heaps of stuff to me...

Tools table and mini Display

Embossing Station and Rejuvenation station.... We also had decadent choc coated biscuits, Chocolate slice and some lovely sultana cup cakes that one of the ladies brought along! Thanks Dawn!!! My Hubbie and kids really appreciated these!!!

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