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Angel Baby Boxes

In 2008 one of the Paper Angel Team members wrote about a very personal tragedy that touched so many of our hearts... Around the time that the tragedy occurred we were looking for a cause that we could be passionate about... That we could... as "ANGELS" take a hold of and feel that we were able to make a real difference in others lives... To give back to the community and share what we love though Stampin' Up!.....

Here is an excerpt of a letter that was written to Stampin' Ups! Shelly Gardner in aid of nominating PA Team Leader for The Heart of Stampin' Up! Award... And the very reason why many felt Angel Baby Boxes would be so important... 

'When a baby dies, a world is turned upside down. Before joining Stampin' Up!, my world had done exactly so. We had recently lost twin boys at birth and with that I had lost direction in life. But sitting at a fun workshop enjoying creativity that Liz had come to share with my friend and her guests, I felt happy. Liz beamed with love for what she was sharing with us, and her enthusiasm gave me the desire to do the same.
It was then that I became a member of Stampin' Up! [and the] Paper Angels.'
Leonie recounts, 'With a new career in the making, a new house [within] reach, and the wonderful news of a new baby on the way, I was again on that miraculous journey of life!
'Until the unexpected, when I found myself back in a world turned upside down with the early delivery and loss of our third baby boy.'
'When Liz called suggesting the Paper Angels would like to hold a fundraising event for the hospital where we had lost our babies in their honour, my heart was touched as it still is.'
Leonie wished her babies' footprints had been preserved and presented in a nicer way.
So that's where the team decided to start.
'The Paper Angels could provide The Mater Mother's Bereavement Support Program with the materials they would need to ensure footprints of those babies who don't make it home be made onto special footprint cards along with name plaques, to allow families to honour and cherish their babies, and share the spirits of their lives,' shares Leonie.

The many branches of the Paper Angels team have been raising funds over the last 10 years in aid of these ANGEL BABY boxes... We may have started in the Marter Mothers Hospital in Brisbane but we are now proudly supplying several hospitals all over Queensland... and our team has inspired other Stampin Up teams to do the same in their States in Australia...

What are the "Angel Baby Boxes" you may ask... ?? 

They are two boxes that contain equipment and specially designed cards that the nursing staff will be able to create a beautiful and personal keep sake for the families of the Angel Babies...

The first box contains all that is needed to create name cards for both the angel babies as well as for babies in the special and intensive care areas. "Angel" team members and other volunteer helpers have made and assembled the decorative name cards and to finish them off  all the nursing staff need to do is use the alphabet stamps to stamp the babies name in Pigment ink and emboss it (in gold) onto the white strip which is then be adhered to the card. 

The second box contains all the materials the nursing staff need to create footprint cards for the angel babies. For parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles who are unable to take their precious babies home. We have found that the footprints on the cards are very special as they are the actual imprint of a beautiful angel baby that was not for this world. These beautiful remembrance cards are and have been an integral part of the grieving and healing process for all involved - Including the nursing staff as they also grieve the loss of these precious little ones... And because of the lower cost in providing and sustaining the "stock" of them to each hospital...  the Nursing staff can make as many as wanted for each of the family members as we are able to provide sufficient for their needs.

As you can see and understand a little from this blog post.. It is EASY to be passionate about this cause... these name cards and footprint cards are only something small... yet they can mean the world to those who have lost, and are hurting... 

It truly is an honor to be providing this service and support for the families and hospitals. And I am grateful for being part of a wonderful Angel team that saw a need and filled it... We are indeed blessed... Also I personally feel EXTREMELY blessed to be Members of a FANTASTIC company Stampin' Up!s  whos Statement of the Heart is:

To love what we do
and share what we love,
as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments . . .
in this we make a difference!

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