Friday, 13 May 2016

This Poor neglected Blog!!!!

Life is ALWAYS changing and isn't it GREAT??!!
As you can see this poor blogg of mine has been SADLY neglected.. but with two teenagers.. High school commitments and sports commitments and friends social lives, Church commitments, Choir rehearsals. Craft Classes, Working 3 different jobs, Hubbie commitments.. fixing the house.... taxi Driving....  and fitting all of that around my JOB/HOBBY that I LOVE... (Stampin' UP!!!) Well.. It seems I had to let go of some things.. but I am making a resolution now to make more of an effort to post on here more often!!!

I seem to be able to post onto Face Book quite easily.. so why not just copy and paste onto here??? That shouldn't be too hard right?!!!  lets see how well I can keep up with my resolution....

Well for starters Our new 2016-2017Catalogue is due to come out soon!!!! Wahoooooo.. I can't wait until we can show the GORGEOUS products and projects that are in this catty.. I reccon it is one of THE BEST EVA!!!  I've been a Demo for 9 years now.. and this year we celebrated the10th year of being in the South Pacific.. Australia and New Zealand... and I had a great time this year at the On Stage Event.. As I went to New Zealand with a fellow Creative Angel... (Jen) When it was announced that the New On Stage events would take over from the Convention type events as we knew them.... and then announced that they would be held in several different countries  with a live broadcast from Salt Lake... and Local On Stage presenters in various countries...  We (Jen and I) spoke briefly about how much fun that could be.. and how we would like to go to New Zealand as the New Zealanders have had to come to us for the last 7 years!!! It seemed only fair.. So in the beginning of this year Jen called me and asked if I was serious about going to NZ for the On Stage Event.... HELL YEAH!!!! SO COOL!!!!... Right then and there we decided to make our Dream and wish of going overseas for a Stampin' Up event (and to travel) a REALITY....

A few days after I registered for the event I was contacted by Emma from NZ head office... And she asked me if I would do a 15 min presentation... arrrggghhhh... But I said yes.. what was the worst that could happen??

We had such a  wonderful time... We met so many BEAUTIFUL people.. and were invited and welcomed into a Wonderful NZ team of Demonstrators...  We stayed with the lovely Stephanie and Paula's parents.. We got lifts to places we needed to go and we were looked after so wonderfully...  Stampin' Up! Demos are just like extended family... It's such a wonderful organisation to belong to...  I love it... And NZ it's self is TRULY BEAUTIFUL!!!

There is so much more to tell about our trip toe NZ and the Onstage event... but i must keep it brief at this stage as I don't want to wear myself out on the first blog post for almost 2 years!!! I cant believe it's been that long!!!!!!

So here is a photo or two that I can show from the Onstage event in NZ.... yeah...

See the CUTE little Yellow Bear Peeking from behind the On Stage sign???  We were made to feel like one of the family with the Yellow Bear Team!!! XXXOOO

This is how CRAZY we get when we see the NEW CATALOGUE!!!! (The Beautiful Paula... and her new Catalogue....)

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