Monday, 28 April 2014

Off Cut Cards

1cm -2cm Strips on CardI love when you save bits for and pieces for ages and then you find a FANTASTIC idea to utilize them!!! This is a card that is a CLASSIC example of it!!!!

You know how when you cut your matting for your cards out of card stock you end up with little strips left over.. well I have been saving them for a while now.. I placed all the colours into a plastic sleeve.. Then I took it along to My Community Craft Group and gave the lady's free range to create a card of their own choosing... I had a sample of the basic design and they went from there... I am ALWAYS amazed by others creativity and colour choices etc.. I learn from them as much as they learn from me!!  

.5cm - 2cm strips These ones were similar to the origional design...

Some of my ladies bring their own stuff to "GLITZ" up their projects.... And this is what 3 of them did with Glitter glue, Bling, and Paper doilies.. Just goes to show that you can step up any simple design and make it MORE....

I hope you enjoy creating with scraps too!!!
Off cut Card Strips on Card with doilyRainbow coloured StripsRainbow and Shine Strip Card


  1. I love this idea, what a great way of using all the offcuts. I suppose you could do the same with paper but would it look too busy? I have so much paper and hate wasting it.

    1. Absolutely you could do this with you Papers... I think it would look fantastic!!!
      I hear you about hating to waste it!!!


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