Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Perpetual Christmas Card

Perpetual Christmas Card

I love love love this card!!! BECAUSE it is FUN!!!! It was part of one of my classes called "Cards that move".... it is so darned cool... you open it from the middle and the way the card is stuck together it continues to fold (from the middle) until it is all the way back to the front again!!!

I gaurantee if you give this card to any age they will be amazed with it and it will not be put down for several hours!!! You JUST HAVE TO play with it!!!!

I got the idea a year or so ago when I recieved some cool junk mail that did this.. but never followed through with drafting a pattern.... making it bigger and..... producing a class... However when I saw a UTube video of Brian from Stampin' Up! US... I just had to do it!!!!

Check out his video here.... Fabulous Folds Card with Brian PillingVideo

I have also written some easy instructions with pictures for Brian doing his thang.. if you would like a copy I am happy to share....

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