Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Harry Potter Sweets... With Stampin UP!

This week we had a girly day out to GOLD class movies... just to spoil ourselves before the onslaught of the madness of kids on School holidays and Christmas.. I got this FANTASTIC idea for a party bag from some of my friends on Facebook.. They have done Twilight and Harry Potter treat bags.. and man they have been really Awesome.. some people are just soooooo creative!!! .... so I wanted to try doing some myself.. and WOW Stampin Up does make them look really professional!!! How much FUN!!!!

Harry Potter Sweets... With Stampin UP!I Googled Harry Potter Candy images and came up with some of the candy that gets a mention in the books and the movies... Above I have the Honeydukes Chocolate Frogs... and wouldn't you know it Elegant Eggplant went BRILLIANTLY with the label.... Which we had to do a little remaking cause the best image we could find was a little blurry... So saffron was close to the Goldy colour so I used a little strip on the side of the box and punched it with the Scallop Trim Border Punch.. How AWESOMELY did it go with the look of the label??? It really finished off the box quite well!!! We had 5 different flavored Fredo Frogs in the box... Yum Yum!!!

Harry Potter SJelly Slugs - With Stampin UP!The Jelly Slugs label went PERFECTLY with Pacific Point card stock.. And I used my Big Shot to punch out a bag topper..... Of course I could not find anything that looked like a slug sooooo I put a few snakes in the bag.... Close enough....

Harry Potter Bertie Botts Beans - With Stampin UP!
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans..... This label went perfectly with Elegant Eggplant again....
I put some mini Jelly Beans in this bag... and man Were they SWEET!!!!

Harry Potter Movie Treat Bag... With Stampin UP!
I put all out treats in a lovely bag and presented them to the girls just before going into the movies... It was a hoot.. and made it all the more special!!! I also printed out a label for some Butter Beer... in the photo it looks a little bad cause the condensation got to it but when I dried it off and put it in the fridge overnight it dried right out and the crinkled label looked quite authentic... I really wanted to have a bottle of Ginger Beer for this one but the shop was out of them.. so I went for good old lemon lime and bitters....

I printed all the labels on sticky photo paper to make it REALLY easy to stick on each item...

Fantastic Memories..... Thanks girls for sharing it with me!!!

Here are the labels and Pattern for the Frog box... If you would like to make them yourselves...
This has been a very popular request over the years.. hope these images help;)... If I knew how to attach a PDF I would attach the original docs... one day I may learn... xxx ENJOY!!!

Love Ursula


  1. Is there any way I can get a pdf sent to me for the Bertie Botts I have the die for the big shot; made my Butter beer labels and boxes for frogs but am having trouble with these. I can't find a place to download a picture. Also where did you find slugs???

  2. Hi Christene,
    Its fun making treats for the movies like this isn't it???
    If you would like me to email you the pictures i have my email is
    I had to photoshop the slug pic.. It was really small and a bit out of shape... I couldn't find slug lollies so i just put snake lollies in there...
    I hope you enjoy the movies and the AWESOME snacks!!!

  3. I love the box!!! Do you instructions or dimensions you would be willing to share? Would love to make one for my niece's birthday.

    1. Hi Katherine.. I can send you the PDF of the box pattern if you like... Email me at the above address... and i will send it to you.. along with the label.. which should be the perfect size for the box...

  4. Hi, I am wondering if you can email me the picture for the jelly beans? I'm having a Harry Potter party for my sons school class and this would be perfect!! My email is, thank you so much!!

    1. Hi Amber.... I have emailed to you lovely.. no problem.. xxoo


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