Friday, 5 November 2010

Christmas Stamp N Stack

I love a good Stamp 'n' stack class because it is quite easy for me to prepare the cards as the formula is very similar for each card... Its just the layout and the stamping that changes it up..

Take a close look at these Night of navy based cards.. they all have the same size rectangular piece on them and they all have strips of DSP and or card stock in the formula... to help create individuality in each of your cards you can layer the pieces different ways... Then to further their individuality and appeal you can use border punches, distressing techniques and tearing to change it up.

Blue Christmas Stamp N StackAs you can see all these Sahara Sand based Card stock cards all have the DSP as the background layer with Square accents and embellishments with a strip of card stock as their basic lay out...

It can be that easy to make cards that are totally different but save time and energy while you mass produce them... Sometimes the cutting of the materials is what takes most of the time... When you get into the swing of things it can go quite fast. After a little while spent designing these cards I was able to prepare and cut this class for 8 ladies in about 1 & 1/2 hours... Now if I had a guilotene that cut more than one peice of card stock at once I could do it in a matter of minutes!!! Oh the bliss!!!! One day ... yes one day I will own or gain access to one of these fantastic machines!!!!

Christmas Stamp N Stack 2nd TimeOn the strip on the bottom right Reindeer card I wanted some background stamping and because I try to keep a Stamp 'n' Stack simple and only use one or 2 stamp sets I thought the Reindeer antlers would be a great background stamp for a small strip... Just stamp it over and over again and whalah you have a lovely little background stamp...

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own Christmas Cards...

PS... I love the Elegant Soirée DSP.. just in case you couldn't tell.... heheheh

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  1. reminds me, I really must get around to making some christas cards sooner than later this year!


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