Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Artisticly Helping along a TRUE Happy Ending!!!

Daryl is a dear (old.. heheh) friend of mine and he is sooooooooooo talented!!! He is a movie producer... And his BEAUTIFUL Fiance is Erin... and she is a megga talented artist as well.. the found love half way across the world... and it really is a fairy tale romance...

Daryl has entered the Doritos competition to share his talent and maybe to win the prize money which would go to their wedding and bringing his 4 kids from Australia to the USA for the wedding....

Please vote.... You are allowed to vote 5 times a day... then in the last run only once a day... Let's do all that we can to help someones dreams come true.. these guys deserve it!!! Especially hte HAPPY ENDING!!!!

Please Vote for Daryl Young's Video
Add it to your FaceBook profile or email it to your friends to vote also... Share the love!!! With all as they have shared their romance with us!!!

Thank you.... Below is some of the attention their romance has received!!!!

our story was featured on a software developments website, as their software was a part of our "getting together"

full story here

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  1. Cute Blog Ursula! As another "old" friend of Daryls I'm excited to find another arty blogger! Check mine out at
    I'll add you to my favs!! :) Becca.


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